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Most people know symptoms of an impending heart attack include chest pain, dizziness, palpitations, and the like. But did you know there are signs of an approaching heart attack in women that differ from men? Keep reading to discover heart attack symptoms more commonly found in women:

Unexplained Fatigue

Your heart pumps blood throughout your body and to other vital organs. So, when your heart is under distress, most other areas of your body will not function up to par. Unexplained weakness can be a sign that your heart is suffering. This fatigue may be associated with a sharp pain between your shoulder blades, as well.

Periodic Chest Discomfort

Typically, a man goes to the hospital immediately when he feels chest pain. However, a woman may be more prone to shake off the pain and not go to the hospital right away. Because heart attack symptoms in women are typically subtle, it’s important to go to the hospital immediately when you have reoccurring chest discomfort.

A Feeling of Dread

A woman’s body and emotions are intertwined and connected in a very distinct way. If the body is suffering, her emotions are likely to sense it. If you can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen, it may be your body’s way of asking for medical help.

Sharp Pain in Your Arm, Back, Neck, or Jaw

Many people have expressed that a heart attack feels like an elephant is sitting on their chest. But for others, they experience intermittent sharp pains in their arm, back, neck, or jaw. Whether you have a feeling of a weight on your chest or sharp pains, it’s important not to ignore these signs.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, talk to your Middle Georgia Heart doctor immediately. Your doctor will run tests to determine if you have an underlying heart condition and create a treatment plan for you. Every minute matters when your heart is under distress. If you have questions about heart conditions, heart attacks, or the like, don’t hesitate to contact your Middle Georgia Heart doctors.