Second Opinions

Here at Middle Georgia Heart, we’re pleased to be Middle Georgia’s leading provider of second opinions for patients facing cardiovascular problems. Our team will work together with your general practitioner to ensure that your diagnosis is accurate and you receive the treatment you need. If you’re a physician looking to refer a patient to Middle Georgia Heart for a second opinion, complete our physician referral form.

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second opinions

Why Get a Second Opinion?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider getting a second opinion, including:

  • Diagnosis of a Rare Condition
  • Recommended Treatment is Risky or Experimental
  • Treatment Options Vary Significantly in Cost
  • Unclear Diagnosis

We understand that many patients have been with their general practitioners for years, maybe even decades. This is a very important and valuable relationship for your medical wellbeing. However, in the event of a serious problem, obtaining the opinion of a specialist is often in your best interest.

Seeking a second opinion does not mean you think your doctor’s diagnosis is wrong – it simply means you would like a second set of experienced eyes to investigate the problem. Your doctor may even recommend a second opinion, themselves.

It’s important to always notify your general practitioner, or whichever physician provided your first opinion, that you plan to obtain a second opinion. You’ll need your medical records and test results for the second opinion provider. Additionally, being up front about the situation keeps the lines of communication between the experts open, allowing them to discuss areas of agreement or disagreement in an effort to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Will My Insurance Cover a Second Opinion?

You will need to contact your insurance provider to learn the full details of your plan. However, many health insurance plans do cover second opinions. In fact, for riskier or more significant procedures and treatments, your health plan may even require that you obtain a second opinion first.

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