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Middle Georgia Heart specializes in advanced cardiology and helping patients improve their heart health. While there are factors you cannot control, such as heredity, that can contribute to heart disease, there are steps you can take to prevent the onset of heart disease now.

This article will highlight actions to take to improve the health of your heart, to boost your quality of life, and avoid developing a heart condition in the future.

1. Exercise Consistently

A great way to improve your heart’s health is by making it stronger. How do you do that? Get moving! A sedentary lifestyle is a large contributor of an increased risk for developing a heart condition. It’s not always the most enjoyable, but exercising is always more fun when you’re doing something you love or keeps you engaged! Here are some easy exercises to get you started:

  • Brisk, 10-minute walks
  • Swimming laps
  • Yoga
  • Cycling

2. Improve Diet

For most who have made a lifestyle out of an unhealthy diet and eating habits, it is hard to make the change to a healthier lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you have to count calories or weigh yourself three times a day, there are simple changes to make that will make a difference in your heart heath. Improving your diet can start by switching out one day a week for meatless meals or opting for drinking water instead of a sugary soda. Some initial steps to take include:

  • controlling your portion sizes
  • eating more fruits and vegetables
  • choosing whole grain
  • avoiding salt

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking restricts the blood vessels in your body, not allowing proper blood flow to the heart and adding extra stress to the heart muscle pumping blood throughout the body. This added stress can contribute to the increased risk of a heart condition. When you quit smoking, your blood pressure and heart rate will go down, your blood flow improves, and the risk of developing a heart condition is reduced.

4. Manage Stress

If you feel stressed, your heart feels it even more. When your heart feels stress, it can trigger problems such as improper blood flow to the heart that can cause a heart attack or stroke. Stress also contributes to poor decisions like smoking, drinking, or overeating that can increase your risk of developing a heart condition. Some ways to manage stress include:

  • meditating
  • deep breathing
  • starting a reflection journal

Control Related Conditions

If you suffer from conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it is extremely important to be constantly monitoring and managing your symptoms. These conditions can be signs of potential heart issues down the road. If your family history or weight make you more susceptible to high blood pressure or high cholesterol, be sure to get ahead of the problem and follow the steps to take in order to improve your heart health.

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